About Us


Some things you might not know about us!

* Before we started our business, Niña was an auditor for an accounting firm and Cecilia was a commercial interior designer.

* We started our business the summer of 2009.

* We are self taught photographers.  Every day we learn something!

* We were born in the Phillipines.

* Cecilia is 30 minutes older than Niña.  Older doesn’t always mean wiser!;-)

* We dressed alike until we were in middle school.  Embarrassing!

* We are the youngest of 7 kids (all girls…poor dad!)

* We switched spots in 8th grade.  Each of us took the same test twice.  At least we only had to study for one test instead of two, but we never did it again because we got scared we’d get caught the next time!

* Cecilia is the sassy one, and she’ll admit it!

* Our husbands = biggest supporters.

* We’re addicted to reality shows.  We like watching everyone else’s drama because there’s no drama in our lives!

* We hope to work in the same city one day.

* We hope to someday have a studio of our own.

* We talk to each other (by phone) more than we talk to our husbands;-)