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    We are twin sisters that decided 3.5 years ago to start a photography business. This has given us a chance to work together and put our minds into something that we both love doing!

    We photograph in Dubuque, IA / Blaine, MN / surrounding cities within 20 miles of these locations. We are more than happy to travel outside these areas, but a travel fee will apply. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Matt + Kelly – wedding {Peoria, IL}

February 3, 2014 - 12:52 AM

Hanmaiah - People who paid FICA taxes their whole working cerraes ARE ENTITLED to at least get it back again ..Well, Ok, but what if they get it all back again and they are only 80, then they live to 93?We have an old age lottery. Some people pay in their whole lives, die early and get nothing. Tough ta ta.E We get that, and accept it. But this is far from the ponzi scheme the Darwinian conservatives claim it is.If anything, it benefits the rich who are likely to live better, get bettercare, and live longer. Why wealthy conservatives want to scrap SS is beyond me. But then, so is their opposition to universal health insurance, considering it is the best thing for entrepreneurs since nickle beer. Hell, I would have started my own business and quit my day job years ago, if I could get health insurance, at any price, and if I did not have to beg the county to let me do something, anything, other than farming.But, what happens when the actuarial data changes, and everyone who collects, collects more than they paid? Is not this the same as those that drive 50 miles and pay for 27?( My receipts today were $200 and my expenses were $450, but I am still I’m production mode. The ratio will change in late fall.) I could easily do a lot better, and hire more people.

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