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So today was the BIG day.  We get to find out if we are having a baby BOY or a baby GIRL!  I’ve been looking forward to this day since we found out we were pregnant.  My husband and I definitely could not wait.  Blaine was even shouting, “Today is the day!” this morning to get me up.  Before Dylan had to go to school, we asked Dylan what he thought it was.  He said, “Boy!” All of us are thinking the same thing because both Blaine and I think it’s a boy also!  That morning while passing the fridge that had our baby’s ultrasound pictures from our 12 week appointment, I couldn’t help but think “Gosh, he looks like such a little boy.”  Our appointment was at 1:00pm.  Trust me, I tried getting an earlier time slot. 😉

I had a busy morning meeting with a wedding couple (loved chatting with them for an hour!).  Then afterwards, picked up Hendrix from daycare and Blaine from work.  We went out to lunch before our appointment.  I could hardly eat anything I was so excited….and NERVOUS.  Blaine’s older brother passed away when he was very young from a heart condition.  This appointment wasn’t just about finding out the gender of our baby.  This appointment was also for the specialists to look at our baby’s heart very closely.

A lot of people were waiting for the call/text/Facebook announcement that day.  When I was pregnant with Hendrix and found out we were having a boy, I got some really disappointing reactions.  I promised myself that if we got pregnant after Hendrix, I would NEVER tell anyone the gender of the baby before it was born.  You see, people say things and don’t realize it’s hurtful.  Most are definitely awesome and just happy for you and don’t really care what gender you’re having as long as you’re happy.  BUT some are just well…I don’t really know?  When I’d tell people that we were having another boy (when pregnant with Hendrix) and how excited we were, I would get these comments right away out of their mouths:
Oh, why another boy?
Oh, that’s too bad.
Oh, girls are just so much fun though.
Oh, maybe next time you’ll have a girl.
But you need a girl.
Oh, a house full of boys….I feel sorry for you.

Then when my husband would tell people we were having another boy when I was pregnant with Hendrix, he would get these comments (he hardly got negative comments, not as much as me):
So how does Cecilia feel about this?
Is Cecilia disappointed that it’s another boy?

Most of the time, I just play cool and say “maybe next time.”  When deep down inside, I just wanted to bust out in tears but just held it in.  They have no idea how many months it took us to get pregnant with Hendrix.  Every month, we’d see a pregnancy test with a negative sign.   It’s depressing going through something like that.  Wanting something so bad.  Praying, praying, praying…Hoping he can hear you.  After 9 difficult months, we finally saw that positive sign.  I was so relieved to finally see that plus sign!

It would be different if I got those negative reactions like once or twice during my whole pregnancy but it’s pretty sad that it was a pretty common reaction.  One night at the dinner table, I remember I just broke down and cried.  Blaine would tell me, it doesn’t matter what other people say or think…all that matters is that we’re having a baby.  You see, it’s really defeating when people make you feel like you failed.  I’m sure you’ve heard people say it or maybe even catch yourself telling other people.  You know the saying “Now you have 1 of each!”  Well, what if you don’t have one of each?  Am I totally missing out on something?  At times it made me doubt for a split second the excitement on having another boy.  It’s crazy how people can effect how you feel/think but at the end of the day though, how my family and I felt overcame all the negativity.  Do I really need a girl to be self fulfilled in life?  No.  Would it be nice to experience it, if that ever came for us in the future?  Yes.  Would I replace one of my boys for a girl?  NEVER!  Dylan is a total mama’s boy, and I knew that Hendrix would be a total sweetheart just like his big brother.  Now looking at them, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  I love my boys!

When we found out we were pregnant again, some people would telling me “this one better be a girl this time” or even “we have enough boys in this family so hopefully it’s a girl.”  Hmm…maybe they don’t remember how it works.   We don’t make the decision and is obviously out of our control.  😉  Like I said in my previous blog post (here) we’d be happy either way!

On to our day….While we were in the waiting area, I wasn’t the only one getting antsy.  Hendrix was as well.  (Here are a couple pictures of Blaine having him play a game on his phone to keep him preoccupied.)  I was sad Dylan wasn’t able to come with us but he had school to attend!

They called our name and all I could think was that I couldn’t believe we’re finally going to find out.  I laid down and our nurse asked if we wanted to find out the gender.  Right away, we both said yes.  I was laying there looking at the screen.  The nurse said that she wanted to get all the measurements and check its heart first before anything else.  Our baby had other plans though…it kept moving and had its legs wide open for us.  Then I saw it…”I was right!!  It’s a boy!!  YAY!!  Oh wait, I wonder how people are going to react.” I thought to myself.  Then a few seconds later, our nurse confirmed it.  “It’s a boy!” she said.  I looked at Hendrix and Blaine.  Blaine and I were smiling from ear to ear at each other.  Hendrix on the other hand had NO idea why we were smiling.  Blaine kept telling him to look at the screen at his baby brother.  Hendrix just looked at Blaine with a puzzled look.  As baby kept moving, our nurse had to take longer getting all the measurements/pictures especially the up close ones of his heart.  Therefore, we didn’t get the 3D pictures that I’m used to getting (shucks!) but she did get a good profile shot and said everything seemed to look good but will have the doctor check them out.

So we head out of there.  Telling people should be exciting, I know….BUT since I’ve gone through the negative reactions in my previous pregnancy, I was really hesitant.   Telling people you’re having ‘another boy’…I knew I had to mentally prepare myself (I know..isn’t that sad?).   We decided to tell people instead of having them wait until we have the baby.  Why do we have to ‘hide’ it when we’re overjoyed that it’s another baby boy?!?  I’ll be honest, I’ve already had some reactions I’m not too fond of but I just brush it off like Jay-Z says ‘Get that dirt off your shoulder’….haha.  Most people have been very supportive and excited for us…THANK-YOU!  We know what’s truly important and that is: WE ARE HAVING A HEALTHY BABY BOY, and we’re so excited for our upcoming adventure of having 3 little boys!  I even think we have a name picked out and everything…that you’re going to have to wait until he’s born!  Looking forward to meeting our lil stud in August!

Here are some pictures from our announcement photoshoot!! 🙂

The final product:
Here are some OUTTAKES!!  I’m glad we got some great ones above, but goodness it was chaos!  Dylan was being a wild man.  Hendrix was grumpy b/c he just woke up from a nap.  I somehow don’t have as much patience photographing my own kids when it’s a ‘planned’ session vs other kids’ sessions.  I really need to work on that.  We went out to eat at Carlos O Kelly’s.  Blaine had to get a margarita after this session. As he said while leaving the park, “I don’t know how you do that…photographing kids.” 😉


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  • dawn lauman - As a mama to four little boys…I totally understand this post! It was hard to get those reactions and comments…no we don’t NEED to keep trying for a girl 🙂 I love my boys and love that they will be such good buddies growing up. Congrats!!!! And beautiful photos!

  • S.M. Parker Photography - Boys are so much fun! Congratulations on your babies, all of them!

  • Niña and Cecilia - Thank-you!! 🙂 Dawn-your boys are such sweethearts. They remind me so much of my boys!!

  • Life With Boys - OH MY!! I have 3 boys & went through the SAME thing!!! When I was pregnant with my 3rd the same time two of my sister in laws were also pregnant, my mother in law said – ONE of them better be a girl! (he had five boys herself & now has 1 granddaughter & 6 grandsons)
    During the pregnancy, I had placenta previa, was hemorrhaging & on bed rest. I had 4 separate ultra sounds to “determine if the fetus was viable”. It was such a scary time in our life. At my 16 week check-up, the Dr. couldn’t find a heartbeat – so I had ultrasound #4 & found out it was likely a boy & that he was still ok! I was thrilled he was ok. When I called my MIL to tell her about the scare, the first thing out of her mouth was, did you find out if it was a boy or girl.. I choose then to not tell her the entire pregnancy, since it seemed it was all she cared about!!!

    My 3rd boy, Jasper is the light of our lives. It’s a miracle that he’s here & I couldn’t wish for anything more…. Life with boys is CRAZY, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.. I get my girl fix when I photograph them & that’s enough for me.. Congrats on your 3rd boy & enjoy every crazy moment. I know I do!!!

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