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Baby Bump – 31 Weeks!

Well ‘Helloooooo, Belly!’  It’s been a few weeks since my last update.  I failed my first glucose test at 28 weeks (I guess all the choc. chip cookies and frappes will do that to you) but passed with flying colors with my 2nd one!  Holla if you hear me!!!  🙂  I definitely treated myself with a frappe that day.  I think I deserved a medium, but for everyone’s sake I went with a small.  Blaine put me on a strict no sweets for 2 weeks before my 2nd test (gosh he’s tough)!  😉  It has helped me tremendously with eating better through this pregnancy.  I try to have fruits when I want to snack on something instead of oreos!

This lil boy has been kicking A LOT.  I don’t know if kicking is even the right word.  It’s literally moving its whole body I feel like.  Not sure what he’s doing in there…maybe party rockin?  haha.  

I’ve been photographing quite a bit of weddings.  I have 5 more weddings to photograph before this baby comes.  It’s hard being on my feet all day but that’s part of my career!  Time actually goes by fast during the wedding, and I try to sit down when I can.  

People say the silliest things to a pregnant woman at times.  It’s funny because I do look like I’m 12…ok maybe not 12…maybe 18.  I’m really 29 years old.  A lot of people ask me if this is my first and are SO SO surprised when they find out this is my 3rd.  They say, “Oh, you look so young.  I thought you were only 18.”  That’s interesting to me though.  That means I would’ve had my 7 year old when I was 11!  Eek!  I also get a lot of, “Oh wow, you look so big!”  I mean, I already feel HUGE…why tell me I look “so big.”  Come on, I already feel like an ‘oompa loompa!’  That sure brings down someone’s self esteem.  I also get the, “Are you sure there’s not 2 in there?”  I hate to have to pretend to joke around and think it’s funny, but let’s be real.  If there’s 2 in there, I’d be saying there’s 2 in there.  Enough of my dislikes, I’ll tell you what I L.O.V.E.  I really love the people that tell me I look great.  I hate to sound conceited but you pregos know what I mean.  (Uh…hopefully?) I know I’m carrying a blessing that I can’t wait to meet and every weight gain is worth it, but when I look in the mirror, I don’t ‘look’ like myself.  My face is puffy.  I have a double chin.  I have big arms and thick legs.  So people, I will be ok with you lying just this time and tell me I look great. 😉 Not only that but I L.O.V.E when people tell me how happy I look or how excited I look.  I am happy, and I am excited for my lil boy to be in my arms…thanks so much for noticing! 🙂

Overall though, I’m feeling great!  A bit slow at times for sure.  Actually Dylan, my 7 year old, asked me one day while we were walking why I walk with my feet out.  I just laughed.  I’m pretty sure he just called me out on waddling already.  Which made me wonder…if he notices this, I’m pretty darn sure everyone else can!

That’s it for now!  Thanks for letting me ramble!  


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