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Baby Bump – 34 weeks

Well today I am at 34 weeks!  I’m still feeling great but my goodness my belly is getting large and pretty much in charge of my whole body.  Half the time I feel like I have to put my hands below my belly to hold it up.  I look at my profile in the mirror and it just baffles my mind how much he is making my belly stick out (as you can tell from my silhouette pictures).  When I’m laying in bed, there’s times when I feel like yelling, “I slept and I can’t get up!”  I know, totally ridiculous right?!?  I’m not kidding though.  haha

People have asked us if we have a name for the baby.  We currently call him “Baby No Name.”  We just can’t make up our minds!  People have suggested we name him after a musician like Bob “Dylan” and Jimi “Hendrix.”  We thought this was a great idea even though Dylan and Hendrix were not named after musicians but then we started to think…in the future will we regret naming the 3rd child after a musician?  Some have even suggested Dominic since he was conceived in the Dominican Republic.  Not sure about that one though.  So as of now, it may just be Baby No Name until he comes out!

Today, we went to Prenatal Vision to see what our baby boy looks like.  I had this done when I was pregnant with Hendrix at 32 weeks.  Insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s about $100 but for me, it’s totally worth every cent.  It’s nice to see their chubby cheeks, fingers, toes and it’s always great to see your baby actually with fat instead of skin and bones.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get this ultrasound done with Dylan as I was totally clueless you can even go to a place to get ultrasound pics outside your obgyn!  I knew if I asked my husband if we should do this again, he’d probably say no just because it’s $100 when we can just be patient and meet him in a few weeks.  So sneaky me, I made an appointment last week and called him today at work and told him I was picking him up at a certain time so we can see our baby.   Like he’s going to decline and say ‘no’ when he’d be the only one missing out as Dylan and Hendrix were coming with me to see the baby as well.  Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha (evil laugh)  😉  Well, baby was not very cooperative as he loved having his feet and hand by his face, but we still got some great shots of our lil guy!  We even got to see him yawn.  That was pretty cool.  Hendrix would talk and point to the big screen like he knew what he was seeing.  Dylan was amazing.  He kept giving me a kisses, would rub my head like I was in surgery, and kept telling my belly “Little brother I love you so much!”  That just melts my heart!  Overall though, he is oh so cute…is about 5 lbs 3 oz…has lots of hair already…loves to show off his private parts so everyone knows he’s a boy!  I can’t wait to meet our Baby No Name!

Here are some pictures from our appointment:

Opening his mouth


Pointing at his toes

Oh so sleepy.  It’s tough being a baby.

Squished in mama’s belly…look at those lips!

I’ll end with some quotes from Dylan and Blaine:

Blaine: “You need to put your prego attitude in a box and put it away.”                                                                                                                                                                                     Me: “I can’t find a box.”  (I tend to spazz out for no reason…darn hormones.  I feel sorry for my husband.  Love him for putting up with me!)

Dylan: “I’m so excited to be a big brother again and have two younger brothers.”

I’m in bed and Blaine comes in to say bye before he heads out to work:  “Good morning, Gorgeous.” (Awww… A great compliment to start the day!)


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