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Lennon! {The day of his birth>>the arrival>>1 month old}

Just to warn you this is a LONG blog post!  All sorts of goodness are told/shown in this post…..from dropping off Dylan at his 1st day of 2nd grade, the actions at the hospital, the delivery, and being a family of FIVE!


Monday, August 20th, 2012

I just knew today was going to be a great day.  Baby Moyer could possibly make his appearance today but for now, Dylan is starting his first day of 2nd grade!  Thankfully, baby decided not to come 1 or 2 days earlier because I really wanted to be there for Dylan.  I love being able to drop him off and get to experience and see his excitement.  I also like to take pictures of him….a must!  As we wait outside the school to let students in, I see some of the older kids not with their parents to walk them in the school.  Obviously, right?!  I mean I guess that’s totally uncool if you’re in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.  As my husband says, “You’re going to have to cut the umbilical cord sometime.”  I don’t want to though! 🙁  When we got to his classroom, I noticed that Blaine and I were the few parents in the room.  I’m pretty sure this year might be the last time I walk him into his classroom on his 1st day of school.  Especially, being a mamarazzi that was taking pics (different angles I may add) of Dylan in his classroom…at his desk.  I could tell Dylan was kind of giving me the ‘Ok, mom’ look.  Then Blaine says, “Ok, that’s good.”  So I put my camera down.  I guess I really didn’t need to take that many pics but I.Just.Can’t.Help.It!  My oldest boy is growing up so fast that it makes me so sad! *tear*

Below:  Dylan back in kindergarten.

Below: Dylan now in 2nd grade.  It’s crazy how they change so much! 🙁

Below: Back to school mini session done 3 days before.  Hendrix had to get in on the action. 😉

After we dropped off Dylan, Blaine went to work, and I went home with Hendrix.  Niña was already in town in case Baby Moyer came early who is due 3 days from today {Aug. 23rd}.  I wanted her to be here for the birth to take photos.  Since it’s so unpredictable when babies are born, it was a must that she was here before my due date. 🙂  She dropped off her kids at daycare and on her way back to my house, she texted me.  I like to say that these texts started off the baby adventure!

As you can tell, I needed my frappe.  😉  I gulped that down like there was no tomorrow.  Blaine called me that morning and asked me if we were set on the name “Cruz.”  In December, when we found out we were pregnant we picked out a name: Lennon.  I even bought a Christmas stocking that had “L” to match the rest of our stockings.  Then we thought maybe we shouldn’t name him Lennon.  Blaine found the name Cruz and so we changed it from Lennon to Cruz.  Blaine has been calling my baby belly “Cruz” for a couple months now, but when he called and asked me if we’re truly going to name him Cruz, I just wasn’t 100% positive.  Blaine told me before doing anything else today, I had to decide which name.  A few min. after we hung up, I texted him and said that my choice is Lennon.

About a couple hours later (around 12:30pm), I started getting contractions.  I’ve had braxton hicks for awhile now but I just knew these were different.  I put Hendrix down for a nap and the contractions were getting a bit more uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable, I had to stop every time I had a contraction.  I kept telling Niña, “I think today is the day!”  I didn’t want to head to the hospital too early because with Hendrix, we went to the hospital and were eventually sent back home.  Getting the hospital bill for that false alarm was not pretty!  I don’t want to head to the hospital too late because I NEED my epidural.  Yes, I said NEED.  I have lots of respect for the ladies that go through birth without medicine.  IF it was too late to get the epidural, Niña would not be taking pics of the birth of our baby.  The pictures would look like Niña witnessed an exorcism.  EEK!  I asked Niña when I should go to the hospital.  Niña had no idea either and had to google it.  You’re probably wondering why we’re completely clueless when this is my 3rd and Niña has 2 kids.  The answer is plain and simple: you just forget.  Goodness, I don’t even remember what happened the day before most of the time. 😉  Finally Niña tells me, “We need to go because you’re cussing.”  I definitely was EVERY time I got a contraction.  Time to head to the hospital!

Thank goodness Niña was there with me so she could drive me to the hospital and help with Hendrix.  Blaine was at work and met us soon after we got to the hospital.

We checked in at the hospital around 4:30pm.  Hendrix just hung out eating goldfish until Grandma came.

Below: Contractions are killer!

Below: Smiling = got my epidural!

Below: I had to wear an oxygen mask.  This kinda freaked me out as I didn’t have to wear this with Dylan or Hendrix.  Blaine knew how to make me laugh as he started calling me Darth Vader.  😉

Below: Lennon Michael Moyer arrived on August 20th, 2012 at 9:03pm.  {Thank goodness we decided on a name that morning!}

Below: Finally in my arms!

Below: Niña and I laugh at this picture below.  😉  “We are going to take you away to another planet,”  Nina and I liked to say in a deep creepy voice.



August 21st, 2012

This was the day when he got his first bath and when our friends/family got to meet him for the first time.  Big brothers Dylan & Hendrix were super excited to meet their lil brother!

Below: Hendrix meeting Lennon for the first time!

Below: Johannah & Christian (Nina’s kids) love their baby cousin!

Below:  Hendrix didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  Lennon’s getting a bath?  What’s the big deal?  I’m going to stay here and watch my show.

Below: Dylan meeting Lennon for the first time!

I love my 3 boys so much!!  I’m a very proud mama!

Below: Proud grandparents!

Below pictures:  Lennon’s first photoshoot (1 of many!) with Bella Baby Photography who photograph at the hospital that I stayed!  I actually used to be a photographer/manager for Bella Baby in Des Moines.  I sure miss my Bella ladies and glad I got to see some of them!

August 21st, 2012

Time to go home! 🙂  I got his little bowtie onesie on Etsy by Antsy Pants.



August 23rd, 2012 {Lennon is 3 days old!}

Niña and I photographed Lennon on his due date!  He was a wonderful model!


August 30th, 2012 {Lennon is 10 days old!}

Another photoshoot!  My friend, Lynn, photographed Lennon as well.  She did a fabulous job!  Make sure to go check out her other awesome work on her Facebookwebsite, and blog!

Here are miscellaneous photos of Lennon’s 1 month of life!
Below: Lennon’s first time cheering for the Iowa Hawkeye football team with big bros!
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  • Ginny Showman - Cece…I cried looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing this special time. Lennon is so adorable and his big brothers are sweethearts. It seems impossible that Dylan is in second grade. When we met he was just 2 years old! I’m so happy for you and Blaine and your wonderful family.

    Love you…Ginny

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