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Bib + Bandana = BIBDANA

Lennon is a drooler, loves to blow bubbles, and tends to spit up 15-30 min. after he’s fed.  We are wiping drool or always have a burp cloth near by to catch the spit up before it gets all over his clothes.

When I heard about this ‘bibdana,’ I had to check it out.  Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking why don’t you just put a regular bib on him?  My thinking…”Why be normal?  Why not put a cool bib on him that doesn’t look like a bib?!”  🙂 With having 3 boys, I’ve come to realize that there just isn’t much variety / options for clothing and accessories for boys compared to girls.  That is why I get excited when I find out about things like this!  I think we’ve all walked around a store hoping we didn’t miss the boys clothing, and then come to realize…”Oh, that lil area in the corner is the boys section.”  😉 So I got on Etsy….and searched for these bibdanas.  Of the various shops I came across, one stuck out: SevenLittleRabbits.  I ordered a couple…the “Little Lumberjack Plaid” and “Classic Bandana.”

I got them in last week and of course had to test them out on Lennon.

As you can tell, Lennon seemed to like it!

He had to try out both of them of course.

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  • Chelsea from SevenLittleRabbits - OMG, cutest baby!!!
    Thanks for the lovely write up, your pictures are really wonderful 🙂
    -chelsea from SevenLittleRabbits

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - You are welcome! Love your products! 🙂

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