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Calendar Marker board {Cecilia}

My family definitely needed a calendar that we all had access to especially with my husband traveling for his job, my photography business, school activities, doctor appointments, etc.  We needed to know what was going on in this busy life we live!  I wanted something a little different than the typical calendar marker boards you get at the store.

 After skimming through Pinterest for inspiration, I wanted to make my own!

My supplies:
1) Frame from the ‘As-Is’ section at Ikea  (Can’t beat $7.00!)
2) Fabric napkin that I’ve had a long time which I got from Pier1.
3) Ruler
4) Scissors
5) Sharpie

Step 1: Take the glass away from the frame.  Measure for equal lines.  7 rows (1 row to write the month).  7 columns.  Write lines with sharpie.  **When you put the glass back in the frame, make sure the side you wrote on is on the inside (where it’ll touch the napkin).  This way when you wipe off the month/numbers, you’re not wiping off the lines.**

Step 2:  Cutting the napkin around so it doesn’t go pass the frame

Step 3: Put on walls with Command strips.  Now you’re done! 🙂


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