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Living Room Transformation {Cecilia}

Since we’ve moved to Minnesota, I’ve felt like our home was just ‘blah.’  I mean, I love our house, but it’s a basic cookie cutter house.  How do I make this different…how do I make a ‘boo-yah in your face’ impact when people come in our house?  😉  At our old house in Iowa, it took me about 3 years to even decorate the place.  I wasn’t going to wait that long with this house!  No sirreee!

Where I’ve been getting inspiration?  PINTEREST of course!  Well, I’ve been looking and looking and I’ve seen people trace and paint by hand designs onto their wall.  Uhhhh… I don’t have time for that.  After searching and searching, I saw that people stencil!  People were using Cutting Edge Stencil for their walls, and boy I fell in love.  After a couple days of literally going through all their stencils and checking out how other people’s rooms have turned out, I decided to go with the Zamira Allover stencil.

We started one side of the wall…the least important area.  Since my husband and I have both never stenciled before, we were both a bit nervous!  They said to use regular craft acrylic paint, but the one I had bought just wasn’t cutting it.   Therefore, we used a “Bleached Linen” Behr paint instead.  (The base color is a “Mushroom Bisque” Behr paint.)

I had bought the level from Cutting Edge Stencil that attached to the stencil.  This was such a great tool to have!!

Here is my husband stenciling for the first time. So proud of him….haha! 🙂

Look at our lil ‘helper!’

Sooooo close to being done!

FINALLY DONE!  Of course, we picked the longest wall in our house!  It was such an AH-MAZING feeling being done!  I feel like I can do ANYTHING after conquering this.  It wasn’t like it was hard but I felt like I just stenciled the Great Wall of China!!  😉

Just a few things I learned after stenciling:

1) Have some patience.  Don’t rush or it’ll get sloppy.

2) Don’t put too much paint on your roller and don’t push too hard.  This will cause bleeds.

3) Have a wet rag with you.  I just wiped away bleeds as I went.

4) Paint will build up on the stencil after awhile.  Be prepared for some down time…peeling the paint off of the stencil (which I did and actually enjoyed it…WEIRD I know!) or scrubbing with water.

I’m so PLEASED with how it turned out!  BOO-YAH! 🙂  Thanks Cutting Edge Stencil!

My family photos from our recent session taken by Niña are up on the wall!  Frames were on clearance from Michael’s.  Some were brown and some were black frames.  My husband then just painted them white for me.

Mason jars from Hobby Lobby (all glass products were 50% off at the time I bought it).  I then just wrapped twine around it and tied in front.

“M” accessory is from Hobby Lobby (50% off at the time I bought it).  White pedal, frame, and yellow tulip accessories are from TjMaxx.  The bookcase is from Target.  My husband just cut a small opening in the back for our cable box cord.

This chalkboard is from TjMaxx!  My husband actually helped me pick out a saying to write on it. 🙂

Diapers and wipes always on hand!

The rug is from!  My awesome pillows are from TjMaxx and Zulily!

Our WHITE furniture is from Becker’s furniture from their closeout sale!

These frames were from Hobby Lobby (50% off at the time I bought them) with my boy’s Valentine pics I took recently!

Now let’s be real.  No one in their right mind has their house looking like that 24/7.  Actually when I took those pictures above, Dylan was at school and the other 2 boys were napping. 🙂  Here is what our living area usually looks like:

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  • Garelyn - Hello, I love this look!!! Which paint finish did you use for the Mushroom Bisque behr paint? I really would love to recreate this look to my living room.

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