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Lennon {7 months}

Our lil chunker is 7 months old and happy as can be…and I should also say dramatic as can be.  The hubby says he gets that from me.  Me….Dramatic?!?  No way! 😉

Some info of him at 7 months:

*claps his hands
*loves to eat baby food but gags when we try to feed him peas
*pretty sure he’s addicted to puffs…you know those things that dissolve the moment it hits their tongue
*loves his sleep (I literally just put him in his bed, walk away, shut the door, and he’s literally passed out in seconds.)
*can hold his bottle with one hand…what a showoff!
*His favorite “toy” is the baby wipes travel pack. He can play with that FOREVER.
*says “Da-Da”
*Last but not least, he finally has a full head of hair!  He had so much hair when he was born, but of course it fell out when he was 4-5 months old.

{clapping his hands}

{can’t get that puff in his mouth fast enough}

{yummy carrots}

{someone’s done and ready for a nap}

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  • Jocelyn Perez - I’d like to know where did you buy the blue pants?

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