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“You have your hands full”

I’m prego!! Yes, AGAIN. 😉   Here was our pregnancy announcement:

As you can tell, Dylan & Hendrix are very excited to be big brothers again.  Lennon, on the other hand, has no idea what’s coming!   I can’t even believe our baby is going to be a big brother already!  Some people seem to think having a fourth addition is ludicrous, but I prefer the real ‘Ludacris’ who raps “Get back, get back…You don’t know me like that.”

Why is it that when you want to have more than 3 kids or even more than 2 kids, people wonder WHY?  Let me think about this…WHY NOT?  Somehow having lots of kids is totally not ‘normal.’  I guess I’ll just be abnormal.

I’m a stay at home mom full time and a photographer part time.  I know it’s hard work having kids.  I know there are times I just want to pull my hair out because I can’t handle anymore temper tantrums and whining for one day.

 I know there’s hardly any free time anymore for myself plus alone time for my husband and me.  I know having kids is expensive with diapers, formula, food, activities they want to get involved in, etc.  I know there’s more housework to be done the more kids you have (I gotta admit my husband knows this more than I do).

 There are times I probably look like the girl from the movie “The Ring” with my head down, hair in my face, struggling to walk when it’s time to get up in the morning.  So yes…I get it.  My husband and I get it.  This is what life is all about….the joy and meltdowns of our kids….the memories with the family we’ve created.

For my family that is, we think of it as “The more the merrier.”  Maybe, I should say “The more the crazier.” 😉 Below is what happens when you forget to buckle your child to the bouncer.  Oops!

In reality, who cares how many kids your friends have, your siblings have, your neighbors have, or how many strangers have….if they have 1 child, more than 1, or even if they don’t have any kids.  What matters is that you’re supportive.  I’m no perfect mom, but my husband and I are raising these munchkins the best that we can so they’re HAPPY, respectful, and loving.

I’ll end with a time when someone didn’t ask “Why” but instead used the words “you have your hands full” in a positive view instead of a negative view:

We went out to dinner late last year, and on our way out I had my purse, a diaper bag, one hand holding left overs, and the other hand holding onto Dylan. Blaine had one hand carrying Lennon’s car seat and the other holding onto Hendrix. A guy heading out as well opened the door for us. As we were all outside he says, “Wow, you have your hands full, but I’m sure there’s nothing better.” He is completely right.  Now that’s how you tell someone, what they have is special!  🙂



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  • Renee Stansfield - I really enjoyed this. I completely agree with you about using the phrase You have you hands full instead of why. I get the why a lot since I found last year that my husband and I were expecting our 3rd in September 2012. I wouldn’t trade my 3 munchkins for anything in the world.

  • Erica - What a great defense for “large” families! I have 3 (oldest turns 4 this week and my youngest is 8 months) and feel like I’m crazy for considering another one. Thanks for this post and for putting so many of my thoughts on the screen for me. And, congrats!!

  • Judy - Supper post!! Congratulations on your new little one! You have a beautiful family!

  • Erin B - CONGRATULATIONS, you have a beautiful family!!! Love the announcement and love this post even more. We’re a family with 3 and have left it open to have a 4th, and I know some people probably think we’re crazy.. I hear “you have your hands full” a lot, but I like hearing it cuz I know I do, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • Jess Cadena - Ohhh I love this so much! Congratulations to your family! You’re going to have your HEARTS full!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Thanks so much!! 🙂

  • crysti - OH WOW,, I think I have found my new favorite blog,, I too am a moma to 4, My husband Farms and manages a local business, I am a Photographer too, we have 3 girls and a teenage son, My youngest is 10 months and you hit the nail right with the hammer with this post, I have been looked at funny , asked so many times here down south,”do you guys not know what causes this?” when looking at our big family, it is so hectic but is also such a awesome chaotic happy blessing, I wouldn’t trade any of my “babies” for anything, You have a gorgeous family and you do gorgeous work,, When times are tough,look up.:) God BLess you guys.

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