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Have you guys heard of Confessions of a Prop Junkie?  Love this blog for inspiration!  We’re definitely prop junkies. 😉

Every week in this blog, there is a BE INSPIRED theme and people can submit 2 entries for that particular theme.  We don’t submit pictures every single week… it just depends on the weekly theme.  There are a ton of talented photographers that submit their images, so we feel so honored that some of our images got selected!  Here’s the images that got featured:








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People ask us what equipment we use or where we get our products we use, so here’s a blog post about it!

Canon 5D Mark III – This is our baby…it’s kind of like another child 😉  When we first saw it and had it in our hands, we were in love!  This is definitely an upgrade from what we first started off with.  When we first started photography, we had the Canon 50D and the Canon Rebel XSi (we no longer have the Canon Rebel XSi and trying to sell our last Canon 50D).

This is a full frame camera and once you go full frame, you won’t go back to a non full frame camera.  Just sayin!  😉   The Mark III has a lot of focus points unlike the Mark II which is a definite plus.  Another nice thing is the silent shutter…it’s not completely silent, but it’s fairly ‘soft’ which is better than the usual shutter sound.  The best part about this camera is the high ISO.  We can go up to 3000 if we need to without even hesitating.  This camera cost us an arm and a leg, BUT it SO worth every penny!

Canon 5D Mark II  – This is our backup camera in case anything goes wrong.  We don’t use this a whole lot anymore since our sessions are now taken with the Mark III.

Canon 50mm 1.2 – This is one yummy {and expensive} lens!  You’ll start to notice that photography is an expensive profession 😉   This lens is worth every penny though!  This is great for any type of session… newborns, kids, families, seniors, and weddings!

Canon 50mm 1.4 – This is a great starter lens!  If you’re getting serious with photography, we recommend this lens.  The price is reasonable and it takes great pictures. Anyone interested? We’re selling ours for $275!

Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L – The only time we use this lens is during weddings…mostly during the ceremony and reception.  Just to warn you, this baby is the ‘big mac’ of the lenses!  IT is heavy!  The first time I used this at a wedding, I felt like I needed to go to the chiropractor!  😉  You will also be surprised on how sweet the images look when using this lens.  You can still get that nice blurry background!

Canon 85mm 1.8  – It’s a tight shot but my goodness, the bokah is ah-mazing!

Canon 35mm 1.4 – This is our wide angle lens.  The one thing we like about this lens is that it’s not SO wide that it distorts the edges.  Some wide angle lenses distorts the edges so much that if you’re photographing the whole wedding party, the people at the ends look like giants!

This is the perfect lens for photographing the whole wedding party, families, or any big groups.  We also use this to photograph details like the wedding dress, ceremony location, reception location, overview of the centerpiece, etc.  We also have used this for family sessions!  Again, there’s no distortion that the far away shots just look awesome.

580 EX Speedlite Flash – When we need more light, we use this flash!

Kelly Moore Juju Bag {Walnut} – This is our carry all bag.  We keep our camera bodies, lenses, flash, memory cards, batteries, chargers, and other random stuff in this bag.  It has so much room!  Click here to see images of our Juju bag!

Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag {Mustard} – Cecilia – This is the bag I use when shooting a session.  It’s comfortable and has a lot of room!

Kelly Moore 2 Sues Bag {Mustard} – Niña – This is the bag I use when shooting a session.  It’s comfortable and has a lot of room!

Apple iMac and Macbook Pro – Where all the magic happen 😉

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  • Darby N - By chance have you sold this?!

    4. Canon 50mm 1.4

    This is a great starter lens! If you’re getting serious with photography, we recommend this lens. The price is reasonable and it takes great pictures. Anyone interested? We’re selling ours for $330!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Hi Darby! We still have this! Let us know if you’re interested!

  • Michelle - Do you still have the Canon 50mm 1.4 and the Canon 50D? I know this is an old post but I thought I’d ask 😉

We.Are.SO.EXCITED!!!  Today is an AWESOME day!  One of the weddings we photographed this year is featured on Style Me Pretty!  It is the Ultimate Wedding Blog!  This is one of our favorite blogs we follow so it’s crazy to see our work featured on it!  We haven’t been photographing weddings that long, so we feel SO honored, giddy, excited…like the feeling after someone proposes to you.  Oh you know…when you can’t stop smiling. 🙂  We would like to thank the beautiful bride, Bethany, for submitting this!  Bethany & Jake’s wedding couldn’t be anymore perfect!  Check it out everyone!!

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We were very excited to be able to photograph Taylor and Jamie’s wedding!  We’ve been working with Jamie on creating our new business cards, posters, brochures, etc.  She’s very talented and can’t wait to see the final product!!  Taylor and Jamie were both stunning on their wedding day and so were their wedding party.  It was a fun group that’s for sure!  After the ceremony, we took pictures at Weaver Farm.  The pictures with the horses were just plain beautiful!  Congrats to you both, Taylor and Jamie!

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  • Ellie - Where did she get those amazing shoes? I am in LOVE with them!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - she got them at zappos!! loved her shoes!