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We love to talk about photography to other aspiring photographers!  We have three types of mentoring sessions:

1. Photography/Business {no photoshop} – one on one session, in person or skype, 1.5-2 hours {$300}

2. Photoshop – one on one session, in person or skype, 2-3 hours {$400}

Please contact us to receive the password for more mentoring information!


  • Heather Dirks - I was just wondering how much your mentoring sessions cost and if you can give me any more info about what all is inolved. Thanks!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Hi Heather!
    I just sent you an email. 🙂

  • Darby N - Hi! I’m VERY new to photography and didn’t realize how overwhelming it can be, as well as so very much fun!!!! I’m not a business yet, but that is a serious consideration of mine. As of right now, it is a new hobby that I do on the side while working full time at Wells Fargo! I would love to hear more about your mentoring sessions and the cost. Currently, I use Lightroom for my photo editing due to the cost of Photoshop, but one day hope to have both! I look forward to hearing more from you – Thank you!!!

    Darby Natale

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Hi Darby! Just sent you an email!

  • Bailey S. - Oh my goodness! I have been wanting to start up a photography business since my son was born and have been talking about it more frequently. I already use photoshop for all of my editting but would love to hear how you started your business! How much is the session?!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Hi Bailey! Just sent you an email! 😉

  • Lauren Obalil - Hi! I was hoping I could get more details on your mentoring. Thanks!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Hi Lauren! Just emailed you!! 😉

  • Leah - Hi, girls! I would love more info on your mentoring session as well. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Leah, we just emailed you! Thanks!!

  • Yvonne Chereck - Dear Nina,

    I love your work, and i wonder if you can give any advice- I seem to get nervous on my shoots, and do more posing than I would like to(i am more photojournalistic and candid)but I dont know what to tell the client on the session to get them going. Then I get intimidated and scared of sessions, and that isnt me.

    What kind of words do I say to get the session rolling, and feel confident in myself?

  • Kacy Sager - Hi girls! It’s been over a year since the wedding and now I’m growing more and more interested in being able to capture our family moments through pictures.

    Can you send me a bit more information about the Photoshop mentoring you offer on your own style? Curious to know what kind of camera you both started out with as we’re in the market and really have no ideas – just know that we love the way your pictures turn out. Also wondering what type of Photoshop is your favorite.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks! Kacy

  • Skye - I’m curious as how you organize your wedding shoots. I always feel a bit unorganized! I would also like more information on your mentoring.

    Thanks! I love your work!

  • Megan - Hi! I’m interested in learning more about your mentoring sessions! Could you email me about describe what all they would entail? Thanks!

  • Kelly - I love taking pictures but I want to be able to take pictures that look more professional. You guys don’t have classes just sessions correct? I think it would take me more than just two hours to learn the basic and some tutorials on how to take night time vs day time photos. Photos of blowing glitter/dandelion, or having the sun in the background, etc etc.

    By the way. I am getting married 2014. Have been looking at photography websites around Des Moines area and none seem to catch my eyes like yours. Everything about it is what I imagine my wedding pictures would look like. I’m so glad to have found you guys. Such wonderful photography. Could you give me more info on wedding, engagement and family photo packages.

    Thank you.


  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - just sent you an email kelly!

  • Kristin Polking - Hey!! I have been dabbling in photography now for a little over a year and am thinking about starting my own biz! I love your work!! And would love to hear more about your one-on-one sessions! Do you happen to do coaching calls? Thanks!

  • Niña.Cecilia {creative spark} - Sent you an email Kristin! 🙂

  • Lori Mortensen - I’m interested in your mentoring session and wanted to request more info. Particularly about the wedding mentoring session you just posted on Facebook.

    Thank you,

  • katie kolpin - More info on mentoring session

  • Tiffany Alberty - Hi! I love all the work you two do! Can you send me more information about the mentoring sessions? Thanks!

  • Kristin Polking - Hi! I am wondering if you girls still do your mentoring sessions?

  • Caroline - Hi Nina and Cecilia-

    I have always loved photography and hoping to learn how to take more professional photos like yours!! That said, I love love love your work and was hoping you could give me guidance on how to get started…for example, what equipment should a beginner purchase, what are the first steps in learning to take good photos, what are the fundamental things that I need to master before graduating to more advanced techniques, what are some good resources that I should continue to read, etc. Just let me know if you have time for a 1hr session and what the cost would be.

    Thank you bunches!!!


  • Morgan Moon - Hey there, are you guys still mentoring? I am in Waukee and would love more info! Thanks!!

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